Vision & Mission

Kandukuri Cricket Academy Vision


Vision is the art of seeing the invisible.


The Kandukuri Cricket Academy (KCA) aims to produce a Quality Cricketer in each individual by providing young aspiring cricketers with the necessary skills, structured schedules along with international facilities to constantly improve individual’s game to make them more confident in their ability. Along With Their abilities, we admire to provide them the environment where they can always be connected to cricket without disturbing their educational streams. This will indeed provide a safe and happy environment for the players at all times in Kandukuri Cricket Academy (KCA).

Kandukuri Cricket Academy Mission


To inspire the younger generation of cricket we are:

  • Preparing Future Gentleman’s to play Professional Cricket.
  • Promoting cricket in educational societies, so that the inborn talents doesn’t laid back
  • Extending success into community education programs
  • Increasing and ensuring participation & engagement of cricket for the people who admires of cricket
  • Accessible to community – kids, seniors, disability sport etc.
  • Producing successful, competitive and entertaining cricket with the personal that made the legends in cricket.
  • Facilitating cricket enthusiasts of all age groups to avail the opportunities to get trained and play in a professional set-up at Kandukuri Cricket Academy (KCA).


MANAGEMENT TEAM We create possibilities with pure courage and instinct
KVS. Sridhar, Director Kandukuri Cricket Academy

KVS. Sridhar,
Director KCA

A decent mentor will influence his players to perceive what they can be, as opposed to what they are.” A great mentor is a man who dependably works off camera, but then stays one of the key purposes behind his group’s prosperity. These guides regularly go neglected notwithstanding when their groups perform well, in spite of giving their players the training lessons and the drive to win.