Practice in front of your mirror

Practising your swing in front of a mirror before practising with a ball will make you perfect. This is known as shadow cricket. This will help you see your swing and help to make adjustments to your stance accordingly.


You can refine your skills by following through with your swing. A good follow-through is critical. Make sure you follow through your bat for the whole swing even if you miss the ball. This is done to hit the ball as far as possible. Keep practicing so that even if you miss the ball, you do not pop the ball in the air and get out easily.

If the ball is aimed at the wicket

Make contact with the ball if it is aimed at the wicket. If the ball is fast and low, this means that it is mainly to hit your wicket and get you out. When this happens, you have to hit a straight drive as a defensive shot. But, this shot is not to make runs or score high, but to protect your wickets. Make sure that you hit your ball short by concentrating on the ball.

Short Pitch

Swing the bat to the side, if the pitch is short. If the ball bounces early, then it is known as a short pitch. Move backward with your back foot to hit a long defensive swing. Swing the bat to the side like a baseball bat instead of swinging it directly down. This will make the ball go higher and longer. This shot is called a pull shot and will cause the ball to go to the side of the field.

Distance between the bat and the stump

Draw a line in your turf from the middle wicket. This will help you to make sure where your wickets are while batting. Draw the line using your bat’s end and make sure that the line is parallel to the middle wicket. This line is called a guard line. If you are practicing indoors, use tape to draw the guard line.