Education at Kandukuri Cricket Academy
KANDUKURI EDUCATION There are no such things as just an Education


The word ‘teacher’ speaks to information; exchange of the learning from the teacher to the students. Truth be told, the establishment that manufactures a man in life is to an extraordinary education degree in light of the learning he gets from his teacher. In the event that there is some individual other than our folks who assumes an imperative part of our mental development, it’s our teachers. The highly qualified teachers with vast experience of training and facilitating to achieve students educational goals.

We believe in planning an academic path where every child gets a chance to lead their education and cricket. Aspirants are best served by developing the curriculum studies that strengthen and support their mental growth and development. Starting them into multi-skills will foster proficiency in academic tasks and social competence.

We strive to provide education which enables students to have great focus, excellent communication, true leadership qualities, lateral thinking, pro-active approach, positive attitude and ability to manage failure and stress.

Remembering those conditions Kandukuri Cricket Academy (KCA) has given everyone the stage for all the formal education with convenience facilities with the goal that every one of our Institution is raised within the sight of master instructors where they can improve the ranges of abilities and reach to the more heights of destinations.

We are tied up multi-level of institutes in Vizag informally with below options:

EDUCATION Education is what survives when what has been learned has been forgotten.

Education at Kandukuri Cricket Academy

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