Coaching Schedules

cricket coaching schedules

Cricket Coaching schedules

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We could show you a way to create high-class players even under the pressures of everyday coaching, would you be willing to put it into action?

Young players typically get less than 20 hours of cricket coaching a year. As you know, there is no guarantee that a healthy academy or club will produce good cricketers just by turning up every week. Unless you make the most of every single minute with your players you will be relying on more luck than coaching skill.

That’s why we realized needed to do something, With Structured plan into place. The plan allows you and coaches in other age groups to create a production line of passionate players. where no luck required. This enhances the natural ability To test the plan at every level to make sure it worked. We have implemented a huge amount of time. To structure that covered everyone from the 6-year-old Cricket beginners to older boys starting to turn out in senior cricket. Clearly, you recognize the last-minute nature of coaching and how things can get undirected. But if you are a normal human being, it’s obvious why players emerge under-coached and with lost potential.

Things change dramatically when you put a scheduled cricket coaching plan into place. Imagine being confident that every part of every player’s game is being developed in an outstanding way. You no longer need to rack your brains on the way to the ground for what to coach yourself.

You’ll relax over your pre-training cup of tea instead of frantically scribbling ideas. As you have already realized, you can stay calm about the other coaches too. Everybody knows they have a ready-made reference guide of exactly what to do. They know precisely where their players need to be when they move on to the next coach at the next age-group.

Even with keen but under-qualified and under-experienced coaches, the coaching becomes a seamless pathway from total beginner to the accomplished cricketer. And of course, the players are highly motivated because they are achieving challenging but realistic goals at every age level. That’s not to mention the amazing boost in results they will see when they come up against the lesser-prepared opposition.

The more you think about it, the more you realize that the best way to get results is to get a plan.

We have used our experience in developing and testing plans to take the pain away from cricket learners. The plan is a proven structured coaching pathway for every age group. All you have to do is Register with Kandukuri Cricket Academy (KCA). It’s instant access so you will be able to act on the advice today when you invest. The more you think about it, the more you realize Coaching Plans is a no-brainer: A huge time and stress saver. You don’t want to be without it.

cricket coaching schedules

Cricket Coaching Schedules