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Every cricketer should know how to bat. The important thing to remember about batting is to protect your wickets/stumps. Batting can be perfected by knowing a few simple and important cricket batting basics. Below are some tips you can follow to perfection your batting skills –


Make sure to always attend your practice sessions with your team. Drill work and playing with them makes you stronger and prepared for your big game. Always listen to your coach or team members if they give you any input on your batting.

Practice is the key to master anything. Keep practising with the cricket batting techniques for beginners mentioned and become the batsman you wanted to be.

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Eye on the ball

Always, eye on the ball. If you follow the ball till it pitches, you can figure out the position you have to take to hit the ball. As the ball comes towards you, think about which shot to hit. If the ball pitches at a sweet spot, you can drive to take long shots but if the ball pitches too high or low, take a defence shot. This is one of the most important cricket batting techniques for beginners to remember and follow.