Make sure your toes are in a straight line from the middle stump to your dominant feet. The bowler tries to aim at your wickets and so stand in front of them while covering half of the wicket to protect it from falling.

Feet should be at a comfortable distance

Placing your feet 1-foot separate from one another gives stability to your batting. Bend your knees a bit so that you can run after hitting the ball. Distribute your weight equally on both your legs and look directly at the ball.


Make sure to always attend your practice sessions with your team. Drill work and playing with them makes you stronger and prepared for your big game. Always listen to your coach or team members if they give you any input on your batting.

Practice is the key to master anything. Keep practising with the cricket batting techniques for beginners mentioned and become the batsman you wanted to be.

Practice batting with a tennis ball

If you want to practice your swing, pitch a tennis ball right in front of you and hit it with full swings. This will make your swings better. Doing the swing will make your bottom hand grip better as your dominant hand will be on the bat.

Practice in front of your mirror

Practising your swing in front of a mirror before practising with a ball will make you perfect. This is known as shadow cricket. This will help you see your swing and help to make adjustments to your stance accordingly.

Stay calm

Being nervous during the game can throw you out of focus and off your game. You will tend to make mistakes while nervous. Always practice regulating your breathing and visualize the trajectory of the ball. Try to block out all the excitement and nervousness coming from others and concentrate on the ball.