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The establishment of the
Kandukuri Cricket Academy (KCA) was laid with the sole point of giving quality cricket Training, world-class cricketing infrastructure, and chance to gain from specialists in the field of cricket through a fun and imaginative condition.

Cricket Coaching

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Dedicated one to one BCCI
Level coaches for the players


The difference between ordinary and,
extraordinary is that little extra

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Telling a running back
to “run like you stole something”

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Lead shoulder followed by front foot

While making the swing, begin with moving the lead shoulder first and then followed by your front foot. This movement maintains the balance and strength in your body and with


Make sure your toes are in a straight line from the middle stump to your dominant feet. The bowler tries to aim at your wickets and so stand in front

Feet should be at a comfortable distance

Placing your feet 1-foot separate from one another gives stability to your batting. Bend your knees a bit so that you can run after hitting the ball. Distribute your weight


Make sure to always attend your practice sessions with your team. Drill work and playing with them makes you stronger and prepared for your big game. Always listen to your

Practice batting with a tennis ball

If you want to practice your swing, pitch a tennis ball right in front of you and hit it with full swings. This will make your swings better. Doing the

Practice in front of your mirror

Practising your swing in front of a mirror before practising with a ball will make you perfect. This is known as shadow cricket. This will help you see your swing


Father of Sarath kumar

Kandukuri Cricket Academy is a fun, friendly coaching service which offers modern methods to develop young cricketers in Vizag. You know your child would be getting the best coaching available for an honest price.

Student of KCA Ramesh

Kandukuri Cricket Academy help me to understand an improve my game at very young age. KCA is being very influential in transforming me from being left away to be a batsman and also a bowler and helping me to understand the mental and technical side of wrist spin bowling. I encourage all young cricketers to grow up with KCA and take their game to next level.

Father of Shazia Jabeen

For the first time in her life my daughter jumps out of her bed first thing in the morning without being told to get up, does her work without being told, and spends all her free time on creative projects. This school has transformed our lives.

Jazakallah from bottom of my heart to all staff members associated with my daughter’s school.